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Ordered by most used:

time life warped friend nicole favourite night friends tour matt alex describe phone katie sarah anymore love getting friday tell

met forever the sickest kids yesterday (well all but caleb but hey i got ziggy at least :D)

time traveler’s wife

                My dad’s birthday was last Friday ad because I was in imlay city and didn’t get back til late Friday night we didn’t go out to see a movie like we always do. So yesterday we did and my dad picked the Time Travler’s Wife. Yes, what a masculine movie. :P

                It was so good and so sad and too bad but I’m giving away the ending because this is the reason for my post. The man dies but it’s his daughter who tells him this because she’s a time traveler too. I was balling my eyes out a this point because I don’t know what I’d do without my dad. Sure we get into stupid arguments n stuff but I just can’t picture my life without my dad. It makes me scared to think about when I’m older and he eventually does pass I won’t be able to deal with it. I hope my dad knows how much  I love him.

Sarah: gay is fun but lesbian just sounds dirty
Me: oh my god.
Sarah: lesbian just isnt a pretty word
you were fake, i was great - nothing personal.

so, it’s official katie and I are no longer best friends//friends anymore. I sort of saw this coming and I tried so hard to prevent it from happening but there’s just so much I can do. And the whole fight happened over tumblr. :|

                back story for those who don’t know: katie came out to sarah and I at my 17th bday party and of course I was in shock but it didn’t bug me. Then a few weeks later we found out she was going out with her step-sister holly. Which is weird but whatever. They posted that they were together all over their myspaces but then they were worried that their parents would find out so they made tumblrs.

                And they posted all the damn time, like, we get it! You’re lesbian, I get it, I feel  ya, I’m picking up what you’re putting down.

                I confess that yes, I may post a shit load of all time low and alex gaskarth pictures but after awhile I get bored and I know when to stop. But apparently she was talking about me through her posts so let me clarify:

A person’s sexual orientation is not a big deal to me. You can be whatever you want. It’s  your life it doesn’t bug me. So the fact that katie thinks I don’t want to be friends with her because she’s lesbian is a total lie.

                Then she called me a fake and completely unoriginal before I even said anything. I just don’t understand that. What, we can’t like the same things as each other? Friends can’t like or hate the same things. I am my own person I’m not fake. I like what I like and I hate what I hate. It’s just me I can’t change that.

                But it did hurt when she said those things because it made me think, oh she always thought that about me, she was just pretending to be my friend. And I don’t want to think that about her. I want her to be my friend but I can’t stand her saying these things. It’s something you can’t take back.

                But my friends and friends of her know its hard to get a hold of her so how close can you be with someone you never see or talk to ever?

                Katie, I’m really sorry you think all those things about me but I was a genuine friend to you and I’m sorry it had to end like this. I have nothing against you or holly, so have a great life and I hope you guys get what you want.


the haunted camp we went to


imlay city :D


my cousin laura gets really into beyonce whenever it’s played on the radio. she gets really into it AFTER i shut off the camera. Dx
Imlay City

That place has to be my second home. :)

I don’t care that it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere and there’s cows, a shit load of Trace Cyrus either. I had so much fun.

Mostly Laura and I caught up and hung out wit her friends, who were really cool. We drove around playing rap and country (I’m not a big fan of either) and Stella by All Time Low on repeat. They love that song for some reason. At night we’d stay up and watch horror movies and go on the computer. We went to the beach, my first time this summer. And at night we went to a haunted camp, graveyard and road.

I wish I didn’t have to come home but here I am. And God am I tired as fuck. :|

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